Angus Beef | All life stages

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Why Beef?

Naturally rich in omega 3 which has anti-inflammatory properties and provides support for the skin and coat condition. Rich in Collagen which helps to maintain healthy joints and skin condition. Our recipe is combined with a blend of carefully selected superfoods:

⭐️  Carrot
⭐️  Tomato
⭐️  Cauliflower
⭐️  Green Beans
⭐️  Courgette

Ideal for all life stages. Choose between Small or Large size kibble.
All of our recipes are Grain Free and Hypoallergenic




Our Grass Fed Angus Beef recipe includes:

65% Total Beef
Minimum 35% Freshly Prepared.
Naturally rich in omega 3 which has anti-inflammatory properties and provides support for the skin and coat condition. Rich in Collagen which helps to maintain healthy joints and skin condition.

“Black Angus” is a cattle breed that is native to the North East of Scotland. Angus cattle are known for their significant muscle content and classed as higher quality produce compared to regular beef due to increased marbling (amount of intramuscular fat)

Superior Quality

Good marbling means fat is dispersed thinly and evenly throughout the meat, ensuring the consistent texture, juiciness and flavour. Angus beef is also lower in saturated fat, rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals and shrinks less during the cooking process.

Superfood Blend
Plus a blend of 5 carefully selected superfoods each with their own benefits for your dog:

Source of Vitamin A to help maintain healthy vision.

Source of Iron to help support normal functions of the circulatory system.

Source of Vitamin B9 which is important for amino acid and nucleotide metabolism.

Source of dietary fibre to help normalise the gastrointestinal transit time.

Source of Vitamin B3 an important cofactor in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.


✅ All of our recipes are Grain Free & Hypoallergenic.
KC Breeder and Vet approved.

Please note the feeding guide on the back of this recipe is for adult dogs. All dogs are different and the guidelines should be adapted to take into account breed, age, temperament and activity level of each individual dog or puppy.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg

12kg Large kibble, 12kg Small kibble, 2kg Small kibble, 6kg Small kibble

9 reviews for Angus Beef | All life stages

    Angus Beef | All life stages photo review
    June 14, 2022
    Bella and Darcie love their superfood in Angus Beef flavour, their coats are so shiny and they are full of energy, Bella is a fussy eater and she absolutely loves Dachshund Superfood!
    Lucie Hyde
    April 27, 2022
    Just love this superfood product because I can feed it to both my 10year old and 10 month old doggies and they absolutely love it. It’s full of everything they need and it’s just one simple feed. I tell all my friends and share it 👍
    Sarah Bache
    November 25, 2021
    Highly recommend product with fabulous service from a UK based business made with with love - meaty kibble that soaks well and is thoroughly enjoyed full of health and goodness - thank you so much x
    March 5, 2021
    Highly recommend all flavours! I've noticed a huge improvement in Reggies coat since he has started eating Dachshund Superfood. His fur looks so shiny and feels lovely and soft too. Nice solid poos with minimal odour too which is great. Outstanding with service and very quick delivery too ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    February 9, 2021
    Frankie loves all three flavours. He is two years old and since he was a puppy intermittently suffered from tummy upsets. Since he has been on this food, he has had no issues at all, his bowl is licked clean and everything works perfectly! So happy with this food and also the orders arrive well on time. Excellent product and great service all round - thank you so much.
    February 2, 2021
    My dogs loved this flavour and cleaned their bowls. Poos were good and solid and dogs were happy and full.
    January 17, 2021
    Our adults are loving this flavour - full of energy, coats are improving dramatically (like a whole new coat), really really pleased! Just the food we have always needed! Great product! Highly recommend!
    Rebecca Hartwell
    November 29, 2020
    Highly recommend the whole range of Dachshund Superfood! My fur babies love it and as long as their happy and healthy, that’s all that matters. A great quality product, and happy to be supporting a small UK business rather than large scale with little care for nutrition or quality of product. These are fabulous!
    Carly Brazier
    November 25, 2020
    Hank loved all the flavours, but especially the beef! He’s usually really fussy however licked the bowl completely clean! Quick delivery. Would recommend to anyone🐶
    Reply from Dachshund Superfood:
    Hank sounds like a beefy kind of guy! We are delighted that you have joined us for dinner, with love and superfoods...
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